Elabrick is a Dutch manufacturer of mineral brick slips. The company has been producing these unique brick slips since 1982. However, the ingredients have been in use since 1962.

From grain of sand to customer! Brick slips are produced within the company, all the way from the grain of sand. All of the raw materials, semi-manufactured products and end products are strictly controlled in our own laboratory according to European guidelines

Mineral Brick Slips

Elabrick products provide a perfect facade finish, both aesthetically and technically. That is the years-long experience of architects, contractors, system owners, processors, corporations, other property owners and DIYers.

The company keeps a keen eye on trends in architecture and interior design. These serve as the basis for product development.


Do It Yourself!

All You need is…


Installation of flexible Elabrick brick slips does not require any special tools and it can be done by anybody with a little knowledge of DIY: scissors, pencil, tape measure, flat brush 10 mm-12 mm, notched trowel 4 mm, Click on the image to see all the tools you need.

Assembly in 5 steps

Watch how to do video

Watch the instructional video

See how it’s done – only 2 and a half minutes of instruction!


1. Facing/ Facade Cladding

For many years, the system has been used with a great success at completing facade cladding. As well as for a new buildings, it can be used for: restorations, a countless number of homes, apartments, building complexes, shopping centres, commercial and office buildings and other facilities. Thanks to Elabrick we can uphold the traditional, elegant and natural look of facade with significant cost cuts.

2. Interior wall lining / siding

Take care of an unique atmosphere in your apartment. You can choose from: bright white, expressive dark red or many other colours we offer within the wide range of flexible brick slips.
The use of Elabrick guarantees warm atmosphere and original look of your interior.


3. Decorative element

Fence? Plinth? Round pole or arches?
It is a perfect place for Elabrick brick slips. In such places where use of traditional bricks is difficult and multiplies the costs and installation time, Elabrick can be used without any difficulties. Unique properties of flexible brick slips can help to solve many architectural problems.
Flexibility and ease of work makes Elabrick the most friendly DIY product, available for everyone.

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